Due to the size of the building and scope of necesary works that had to be done, the refurbishment of Pokoyhof Passage was not an easy goal. The biggest challenge however was lack of opportunity to close the entire building for the time of the refurbishment, caused by the presence of tenants. Flexible attitude of tenants and large amount of time dedicated to planning, effected in a smooth performance of all of the works, including the hardest ones, in a way that did not disturb everyday activities in the building.
The works begun in 2010 and have been ongoing until now. During several years, the building has totally changed its face. With the upgrade of technical conditions the atmosphere in the building has also been improved. Raising the standard of the premises brought new tenants into the building and whose presence has turned the building into a truly creative space that feels alive and exudes a positive energy around the walls of the courtyard. The time graph below can help you become familiar with particular stages of the refurbishment which has practically included every single part of the building.
Download layouts of the building

Facade Cleaning
Replacement of courtyard's surface
Roof exchange
Electrical installation exchange
Windows replacement
Refurbishment of basement
Lifts exchange
Commercial spaces refurbishment
Staircases Renovation
Heating replacement
Ventilation installation
Facade renovation