Pokoyhof Passage is located at 2/4 Św. Antoniego street in the very heart of Wroclaw's Old Town, close to different hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Pokoyhof Passage Św. Antoniego 2/4 Here we are, located in the heart of Wroclaw's District of Four Denominations, only a short walk from Old Town's market square. 0 0 0
Armory ul. Cieszyńskiego 9, 50-136 Wrocław The building that houses the city's armory is a rare example of defensive architecture. It currently hosts a branch of the city?s historical museum. 150 m 2' 400 m
City museum ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 35, 50-077 Wrocław City?s main museum located in a stunning building, previously the palace of Prussian Kings. 100 m 2' 100 m
New Horizons Cinema Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a-21, Wroclaw Cinema which presents an interesting non-mainstream repertoire, created for the most discerning film critic! 50 m 1' 50 m
National Museum Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 5 50-153 Wrocław An imposing collection is gathered here in a monumental building which has the right combination for any art lover. 1,7 km 15' 1,8 km
Museum of Architecture Bernardyńska 5 The only such place in Poland, museum located in a gothic cloister and which is a must-see when sightseeing and is not only architecture fans. 1,3 km 15' 1,4 km
Wroclaw Opera House Świdnicka 35 Building of captivating architecture regularly hosting art performances, providing the right surrounding for timeless masterpieces of music. 300 m 4' 300 m
Ostrów Tumski This is where Wroclaw was established ? it is its oldest and undoubtedly the most characteristic and romantic area. 1500 m 15' 1800 m
Panorama Racławicka Jana Ewangelisty Purkyniego 11 A home of the largest painting in Poland - an impressive 100m+ long canvas presenting a glorious victory of Kosciuszko?s insurrection over the Russian army in 1794. 1,5 km 15' 1,6 km
National Forum of Music City?s largest contemporary cultural venue. It?s impressive size is a prelude to the scale of events to be held within. 100 m 1' 150 m
Słowacki's Park Peaceful park in the city centre, providing tranquility after big city?s hassle and bustle. Excellent for a walk or an outdoor picnic! 1,3 km 15' 1,4 km
Tadek Jasinski's Boulevard A picturesque and green area situated along the banks of the old city's moat, is a perfect destination for some relaxation in the very centre of the city. 150 m 1' 250 m
The City Hall Majestic, medieval building in the middle of the market square, historical and the current headquarters of the municipality. 250m 4' 400m
The Market Square One of the largest in Europe, surrounded by rows of colourful, monumental tenement houses is an obligatory visit on your way around the city. 250m 4' 400m
The Solny Square This beautiful square with a long history of trade is a place where you can always buy fresh flowers or relax in one of its numerous cafes. 150m 2' 250m
District Municipality Office Plac Powstańców Warszawy 1 The seat of voivodeship municipality. Imposing example of the Third Reich?s architecture. 1,8 km 17' 2 km
Piaskowa Island Historical origins of the city are directly connected with this place. It also provides a stunning panorama of Ostrow Tumski. 1,3 km 16' 1,5 km
Słodowa Island The most entertaining of Wroclaw?s islands, known for its welcoming atmosphere, which hosts numerous music events and students who love to relax here in good weather. 1,8 km 20' 2,0 km
Renoma Department Store The most stylish and exclusive department store in the city, full of exclusive boutiques with fashionable clothes. 500m 8' 700m
Central Café Św. Antoniego St. A popular venue next to the Pokoyhof Passage, where you can grab a coffee or a quick, delicious snack. 30m 1' 30m
Galeria Dominkanska One of the biggest department stores in the city, containing a variety of shops, boutiques and eateries. 1,2 km 15' 1,3 km

1.Pokoyhof Passage

3.City museum
4.New Horizons Cinema
5.National Museum
6.Museum of Architecture
7.Wroclaw Opera House
8.Ostrów Tumski
9.Panorama Racławicka
10.National Forum of Music

11.Słowacki's Park
12.Tadek Jasinski's Boulevard
13.The City Hall
14.The Market Square
15.The Solny Square
16.District Municipality Office
17.Piaskowa Island
18.Słodowa Island

19.Renoma Department Store
20.Central Café
21.Galeria Dominkanska